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Duty Fresh® high quality hass avocado

Natural, tasty, organic, delightful... We will deliver high quality avocados all year round. Explore the qualities of our Duty Fresh™ premium avocados, the available packaging options and our harvesting cycle.

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Its soft and oily texture makes it the perfect ingredient for any delicious and healthy recipe.


Green and rough skin, when ripe, becomes darker.

High quality hass avocado - Duty Fresh

Super food

The perfect blend of nutrients, fiber and potassium that are needed to maintain a healthy diet.

Happy heart

It contains monounsaturated fatty acids beneficial to the heart.

All year availability

We produce and market hass avocado all year. The table below shows or production cycles and avocado availability. 


Premium packaging to preserve our avocados

We use  standard packaging to protect our avocados during transportation. You will receive the product in the right physical conditions and ready for consumption. 

Avocado carton box - 4kg

Carton box - 4 kg

Plastic basket - 10 kg

Duty Fresh™ avocado specifications

Product characteristics

12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34
 ColorVariety characteristic 
Odor Free of strange odors 
Flavor Free of strange flavors 
Form Variety characteristic 

Calibers and weights

Caliber  Min. Weight (gr) Max weight (gr)
 12 300 371
 14258  313
 16 227274 
 18 203243 
 20 184 217
 22 165196 
 24 151175 
 26 144157 
 28134 147 
 30 123137 
 32 80123 

Choose our capabilities and freshness

Our integrated business model, nutrient rich soils and proper sustainaibily practices let us deliver top quality avocados. Trust in our capabilities and provide high quality, tasty avocados to your customers. 

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Sustainable production

Our crops are friendly to the environment, we respect and take care of the ecosystems that surround us.

International shipping

We meet all the requirements and certifications to export to international markets guaranteeing safety and security in our shipments.

All year availability

Avocado shipments the 52 weeks of the year.

Superior taste

Supported by technology, we comply with a rigorous nutrition plan adapted to the needs of each crop to deliver the most delicious avocado.

We produce and market premium avocado all year round

Let's talk and help your customers enjoy premium avocado

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