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We provide fresh, high quality hass avocado and tahiti lemon. Backed sustainable farming practices, socially responsible work and state of the art facilities, our avocado and lemon are delivered fresh, full of flavor and ready to be enjoyed.

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Premium hass avocado

Duty Fresh™ high quality hass avocado

Natural, tasty, organic, delightful... We will deliver high quality avocados all year round. Explore the qualities of our Duty Fresh™ premium avocados, the available packaging options and our harvesting cycle.

Premium tahiti lemon

Super Avocadito

Premium tahiti lemon

Avo Infusion

Premium tahiti lemon

Super Guacamole

Premium tahiti lemon

Duty Fresh™ premium tahiti lemon

Harvested in rich organic soils under a tropical sun, we will deliver fresh tahiti lemon according to your requirements. Our Duty Fresh™ Premium lemons come in various calibers and packaging options. Explore our products and let us know how we can share the natural citric taste of our lemons with your customers. 

Premium tahiti lemon

Super Avocadito Kids

Premium tahiti lemon

Avocado Oil

Premium tahiti lemon

Super Pulp

Choose our capabilities and freshness

Our integrated business model, nutrient rich soils and proper sustainaibily practices let us deliver top quality avocados. Trust in our capabilities and provide high quality, tasty avocados to your customers. 

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Sustainable production

Our crops are friendly to the environment, we respect and take care of the ecosystems that surround us.

International shipping

We meet all the requirements and certifications to export to international markets guaranteeing safety and security in our shipments.

All year availability

Avocado shipments the 52 weeks of the year.

Superior taste

Supported by technology, we comply with a rigorous nutrition plan adapted to the needs of each crop to deliver the most delicious avocado.

We produce and market premium avocado and lemon all year round

Let's talk and help your customers enjoy premium avocado and lemon

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