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"Technology to improve crop yields and sustainability"

In order to make the field work more efficient, Green SuperFood created a tool that allows to take advantage of new technologies to unify the information and allows a more efficient decision making.

The main objective of this tool is to facilitate monitoring and collect as many variables as possible that may affect farm productivity. This tool is created for our partners producers and its being use in our own farms.

Works on cell phones and via web with internet connection.

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Phenology, pest and disease monitoring

We developed an application for cell phones or tablets, where our monitor team records variables week by week. This information is synchronized with our database in the cloud and we can check the monitoring information on the web, very graphically and intuitively. This helps us make decisions very quickly in cases where we identify a very harmful pest for our avocados.

Climate monitoring

We integrate the weather stations of our farms to our web platform, saving all their information in the database. All this information is useful for analyzing and / or correlating climatic variables, for example, with incidents of certain pests, or influence of some variable on the growth of the fruit. All this in order to anticipate and / or take certain precautionsW

Drone monitoring

The flights of our drone, carried out in each farm, are uploaded and recorded in the week they were made, to be reviewed by the agronomists and thus perform the relevant analyzes.

Satellite monitoring (coming soon)

We will visualize high resolution satellite images of our farms, which we will also keep in our database, making comparisons of the images over time.

Field monitoring (coming soon)

We will install field monitoring sensors, such as humidity and soil temperature sensors, salinity, etc ... Information, again that will be registered in our database. We will also record the soil analyzes performed by external laboratories, as well as foliar analysis.

Nutrition Plans (coming soon):

Thanks to the phenological monitoring carried out week after week, and the soil and foliar analyzes that will be carried out every month, we will have rich information to be able to carry out very precise nutrition plans and in the times that the plant requires of the nutrient .

Fruit Traceability (coming soon):

Thanks to the integrations that we will make with the software of our packing, the software of the cold rooms and the surveillance cameras, we will know at the moment that we want where our fruit is and in the state in which It is until the moment of leaving our packing.

Nursery (coming soon):

We will have complete control of the traceability of our nursery.

Harvest (coming soon):

Registration without manual intervention of the harvest information.

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