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Club Green

As part of our investments in our farmers, Green Superfood has created a group of premium benefits to promote quality among our affiliated Colombian farmers. 

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Access Club Green

If you want to learn more about Club Green and apply for a membership, contact us. 

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VIP commercial conditions for members

Our Club Green members have payment agreements and special conditions adapted to their needs. 

Bonus for purchase of supplies

It will be delivered to producers with a yield greater than 85% according to the table.

Performance$ per kilo
From 85 to 89%$ 5
> 90%$ 10


  1. Have an Agroinsumos credit card from Banco Agrario.
  2. The incentive will be consigned to the producer's card every semester June and December.
  3. The economic incentive is exclusive for purchases in stores of agro inputs, veterinarians and guilds.

Club Green benefits for farmers

We have grouped premium benefits to help farmers in every aspect of their day to day. Green SuperFood and its partners will deliver these exclusive benefits through out the year, helping farmers improve their yields, access financial agreements and get access to all the knowledge and tools needed for their success. 

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Virtual training

Ongoing virtual training that helps improve crop quality.

Face-to-face training

Face-to-face training by zones with our Green Event Tour.

Technical assistance

Agronomic support of the crop.

Field Management Platform

Free access to the use of Field Monitoring, Fertilization and Control Platform, developed by Green SuperFood, which also allows you to access information instantly from the post-harvest selection process of the fruit that our packing plant takes.

Special prices

Special price to purchase plant material from the Green SuperFood nursery, in order to guarantee the quality of the crop from its first phas

Virtual forums

Access to 2 virtual forums a year with an expert for specific topics that contribute to the improvement of crop quality.

Technical tours

invitation to visit the Green SuperFood plant.

Support for certifications

Support in the implementation of certifications: Global Gap, Grasp, Sedex Smeta, others.

Preferential SGS rates

Preferential rates per SGS certifying body.

Financial agreements

Access to the Plan of Financial Agreements with entities of the real sector.