Green Super Food

Packing center: close to the farms for superior freshness

Based in Colombia, our package center is equipped with top-level equipment to ensure food quality.

Packing center

Within a few kilometers of our farms, the state of the art packing center allows us to preserve freshness, select top quality fruits and arrange large scale international shipments easily.

  • High levels of safety during the process and storage of the fruit.
  • Automatic classification supported by the latest technology.
  • Processing capacity: 5 ton / hr
  • Pre-cold capacity: 1 cont. / 5 hr
  • Storage capacity: 10 cont.
  • Total area: 3.500 m2
Green Super Food Packing Center
Workers at packing center


Our services meet all the requirements demanded by international markets for the handling of post-harvest fruit and subsequent international shipping through the different ports of Colombia.

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Service of maquila to third parties with high quality standards.

Materials' supply

Supply and sale of materials required in the maquila process.


Support in logistics coordination.

Refrigerated storage

Refrigerated storage service

Fruit purchase

Purchase of fruit not suitable for export.


Our farms have several national and international certifications related to our quality, our sustainability and our social impact.