Green Super Food

Our farms: rich lands and sustainable crops for premium products

Green Super Food is present with crops in Colombia and Brazil, with a projection of 5,000 hectares by 2020.


We have several farms in Colombia across multiple zones to deliver hass avocado all year. 

  • Campo Hermoso - Pijao, Quindío
  • Mesopotamia - Armenia, Quindío
  • Monte Loro - Calarcá, Quindío
  • La Reserva - Genova, Quindío
  • La Camelia - Aguadas, Caldas
Main house of Mesopotamia Farm
Haas avocado in the trees
Avocado nursery

Locations in Colombia

Located in the central region of Colombia, our farms have the ideal conditions for large scale avocado production

Avocado farms in Colombia


Our farms have several national and international certifications related to our quality, our sustainability and our social impact.