Green Super Food

Nursery: nurturing plants for top quality

Tasty and high quality avocado starts with the right seeds grown in the perfect conditions. We manage plant growth holistically, starting with seed selection, proper nurturing, and full control of all processes in the plant's early stages. 

Green Super Food avocado nursery


Green Superfood has a nursery located in the city of Armenia, on the Mesopotamia village, Mesopotamia farm. With a storage capacity of up to 130,000 plants, and a production capacity of 230,000 per year.

Young avocado plant in nursery

Quality management

Our quality management consists of supervising each process and verifying that the plant material is extracted from plants that present health, productivity and other desirable characteristics in an avocado tree, something that guarantees a good origin and genetics of the hills.

Large avocado nursery

Anticipating our growth

In view of the growth of the company and the application of avocado material for propagation, for the first half of this year, it is estimated to establish a second Green Super Food nursery headquarters, in an area greater than 2 hectares, which allows production of 300.000 hills per year.