Green Super Food

New packing center with world class technology

09.01.20 10:35 PM By Ivan Gomez

Cutting-edge technology, sustainability and efficiency will characterize the new packing plant that will open the Green SuperFood company in Quindío, in Colombia.

The inauguration will take place in January 2020 and will mean an important step for the company, as it will further enhance the efficiency in the marketing process of Green SuperFood products.

This new packing plant will also allow us to advance in the knowledge of postharvest and fruit treatment techniques in a large-scale producing country, such as Colombia; and in Quindío, an area with great potential and that has approximately 2,000 ha planted with Hass avocado and 1,000 Tahiti lime.

Mauricio Lopez, commercial manager of Green SuperFood, said that "opening this important plant, contributes to expand the knowledge that exists today regarding the treatment of fruit”.

The opening of the packing plant will also bring multiple benefits for the producing area, the farmers and to a large extent for the economy of the families of El Quindío. This, according to Lopez, because “it will be a great generator of employment in the region, both in the plant and in the farms; which will improve the quality of life of many Quindian families.”

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High technology for better products

With a total area of 3,500 m², the plant in its first stage will be able to process 8 thousand tons of fruit per year and will be equipped with top-level equipment to ensure food quality.

The cold pre rooms with capacity for 1 cont./ 5Hr stand out; its storage capacity for 10 containers and the Compac brand sorting machine. The latter, high technology that guarantees process agility, product safety and increased performance.

Users can also be attentive at any time during the selection process and will be able to verify online the processing of the fruit remotely, through a web application developed by the same company.

Green SuperFood: ideal partner

Green SuperFood emerged as a producer and marketer of fresh fruit, with a clear objective: to supply the world with high quality healthy foods, under sustainable development policies in the fields.

Based in Colombia, Green SuperFood is strategically located in a country that has the advantage of having rich lands, climates and favorable heights for Hass avocado crops.

These characteristics allow Green SuperFood to deliver to the world a product of excellent quality and flavor during the 52 weeks of the year, under the brand Dutty Fresh.

“The company plans to reach 5,000 hectares of Hass avocado in South America, of which 2,500 hectares are in Colombia. Our commitment is to become one of the largest producers of Hass worldwide”, said Mauricio Lopez. An important goal for the company is "to structure and execute our business plan to have an export volume of 1,000 containers / year from 2025," Lopez said.

Likewise, and in terms of sustainable development, social responsibility and environmental responsibility, the company, among other actions, generates social programs to promote the productivity of the countryside in Colombia. “We have alliances for education in agricultural practices with government entities, with which we work hand in hand to promote research and knowledge development from an early age,” explains Lopez. In turn, they include vulnerable population in contracting policies, both in the field and in the packing plant.

In addition, the company works every day to be able to deliver the best experience in handling fruits and implementing standards throughout the value chain. "We believe that the quality, good service, support, human warmth and love with which we grow and process our products, make Green SuperFood stand out from the rest," said the company's commercial manager. He added that “we are building a country, we are building a future leaving the best precedent. Environmental sustainability, social responsibility and safety to bring the best product to market”.