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We are a company that cares about sustainable development, social and environmental responsibility, generating policies that contribute to generate social programs to promote the productivity of the countryside in Colombia and Brazil.

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Green SuperFood S.A.S., leading company in the production and commercialization of high quality fresh fruits in national and international markets, it is committed to preventing illicit activities in its operations, avoiding risks such as drug trafficking, money laundering, financing of terrorism, corruption, bribery, among others, complying with applicable legal requirements, promoting continuous improvement and integrity in all processes of the organization.


The organization has defined the following objectives to comply with the SGCS BASC policy; they are aligned with the commitments required by the SGCS BASC:


  • Establish preventive controls in order to minimize the risks that affect security in the international supply chain and the integrity of the processes.
  • Guarantee compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the organization.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the BASC Security and Control Management System ejorar continuamente la eficacia del Sistema de Gestión Control y Seguridad BASC. 

Our difference

We invest heavily in our people, regenerative agriculture, social impact policies and carbon reductive logistics to deliver the most sustainable avocados in the market.

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For us it is vital to build our bases adapting to the conditions of the field, respect for nature, water sources, vegetation, the ecosystems and the soil in which we sow.

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We have a positive impact in our workers and their families

Social impact

In our personnel hiring policy for the field, we ensure full compliance with the law respecting social benefits and health benefits. In addition, we generate programs that contribute to the prevention and education of our workers, and their families.

We believe in the welfare of the countryside, and we believe that in the countryside there is the future,

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