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Worker picking avocados at the farm

Positive social impact in our communities

"Education and well being for those working at our farms"

In our personnel hiring policy for the field, we ensure full compliance with the law respecting social benefits and health benefits. In addition, we generate programs that contribute to the prevention and education of our workers and their families. We believe in the welfare of the countryside, we believe that in the countryside there is the future, we generate jobs directly to improve the quality of life in the families around us. We develop policies that include vulnerable and disabled population in our plant and crops.

Our education programs are based on contributing to the future development of the field, in partnership with the National Service of Learning (SENA) in Colombia, we encourage the education of future agronomists, students who carry out their practices and research in our crops, we also train instructors on specific topics about hass avocado, a growing crop, thus ensuring the experience adapted to the real context of the area where they reside.

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