Green Super Food

Our company: moving beyond regenerative agriculture

We are a company that cares about sustainable development, social and environmental responsibility, generating policies that contribute to generate social programs to promote the productivity of the countryside in Colombia and Brazil.

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Our objective is to make a difference in avocado production and marketing.

In the recent year's avocados became a hype on all continents and demand is often not matching the availability. This leads to undersupply, high prices and agricultural developments in areas where resources are scarce, and the ecologic effects are devastating. The demand for avocado is expected to keep on rising in the coming decades. 

The downside of the popularity of the avocado is her reputation. In addition to all the positive properties and health claims, there are also negative sides on the avocado. These negative sides we mainly see in the production and on the logistics. The water consumption of the avocado tree and the deforestation in favor of avocado production has led to negative publicity and reputation. Whilst possible production areas are limited, production on the southern hemisphere lead to extensive logistics towards the western hemisphere, and therefore carbon pollution.

During our search for new growing areas, sustainability was our main driver. At Green Superfood we determined growing areas with the slightest influence on our ecological footprint. The availability of enough water without depleting resources and regenerative agriculture were our main drivers in our search for new growing areas. And we were successful in finding these areas. 

Farmers Home and Green Superfood invest in production in Colombia and Brazil. Here we strive for a carbon neutral sustainable production, regenerative agriculture, and positive social impact on local communities to become a planet friendly company. 

"Our avocados might not be the cheapest, but for sure the most sustainable"

Our values

Our business model is based on four core pillars: our human capital, excellence, sustainability and innovation 

Green Super Food corporate values

Key facts and figures

As we continue to develop our integrated business model we share some key facts as a sign of our commitment to excellence, our scale and our sustainability policies.

One of the largest avocado producers in Colombia and Brazil.

Technology developed and applied in our crops.

Own packing center with high safety and international standards.