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    We invest in regenerative agriculture to protect our soils and ecosystems. Healthy, natural ecosystems produce tasty, natural fruits. 
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    High quality avocados

    Our sustainable farms and hi-tech packing facilities allow us to deliver avocados at scale all year round. 

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Fresh fruits direct from the farm

We provide fresh, high quality hass avocado and tahiti lemon. Backed by sustainable farming practices, socially responsible work and state of the art facilities, our avocado and lemon are delivered fresh, full of flavor and ready to be enjoyed. 

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Premium hass avocado

Duty Fresh™ high quality hass avocado

Natural, tasty, organic, delightful... We will deliver high quality avocados all year round. Explore the qualities of our Duty Fresh™ premium avocados, the available packaging options and our harvesting cycle.

Premium tahiti lemon

Duty Fresh™ premium Lime

Harvested in rich organic soils under a tropical sun, we will deliver fresh tahiti lemon according to your requirements. Our Duty Fresh™ Premium Limes come in various calibers and packaging options. Explore our products and let us know how we can share the natural citric taste of our limes with your customers. 

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About Green SuperFood

We are a leading company in the production and marketing of high-quality fresh fruit in national and international markets, recognized for its seriousness, social responsibility, commitment to agro business, consistency in the execution, and development of an integrated value chain and business model. We offer:

  • Fresh hass avocado and tahiti lemon
  • World class packing and cooling facilities.
  • International reach through top global partners. 
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World class infrastructure for an integrated value chain

Sustainable farms and world class facilities

Explore our farms and state of the art facilities in the heart of Colombia where organic soils, precious water, and warm shinny sun combine with top technology and dedicated farmers to produce tasty, delightul avocados and lemons. 

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Responsible farming with an impact in our communities

We improve farmer's lives

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Read about new developments in our business, the impact we have in our communities and some of our sustainability best practices. Feel free to share with your colleagues. 

Water consumption in avocado
Avocado's water consumption is proportional to its nutritional value

We are glad to share this interesting article published by, in it  shows an important and clear vision about the use of  water resource in the cultivation of hass avocado, it is important for us to let people know that hass avocado industry cares about the future of our world.

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Webinar: Nutrition in avocados

Preventing Lenticellosis

As the windy season approaches, a new challenge is to be faced by Hass avocado producers. If you have been involved in the production of this fruit, you might have already heard the term Lenticellosis; if you are new to the guild I will explain what this is about.

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Fruit Logistica 2020 logo
Entrance to Green SuperFood Packing

To comply with the internal regulations of Green SuperFood Packing, all employees, nationals and visitors to the plant from other cities who have suffered from Covid-19 infection, must present the negative test result for SARS2 to authorize their entry...

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We produce and market premium avocado and lemon all year round

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